Saturday, September 8, 2012

Sissy Panties - All Weekend

When Jeff Bezos was making trips to the post office to ship books that a handful of customers had ordered online from his company,, I doubt very much that adding sissy panties to his product line was on his mind.  Talk about product diversification.

Today, you can buy just about anything you can think of on Amazon.  Everything from a copy of Sun Tzu's "The Art of War" to a brand new Feeldoe to use on your favorite submissive.  

Our earliest purchases of ruffled panties (commonly known as sissy panties) for tammy were usually transacted through different square dance shops who would offer a variety of panties and bloomers of various size, lengths and colors, each with rows and rows of beautiful ruffles.  Most of the purchases were made online, but once in a while we'd find retail outlet where some face-to-red faced transactions would take place.  The panties found from these square dance apparel retailers are usually of much higher quality and less expensive than those you'd find from kinky or fetish-like websites that sell costumes or specialty lingerie.

With my sister Sherry arriving last night, I decided it would be a nice surprise to make this a "sissy/ruffled panty weekend" for tammy.  Sherry's never kept it a secret that she enjoys tammy in those cute little ruffles since the first time she saw her like that.

I'm also going to let them do a little online shopping together.  A sissy can never have enough ruffled panties right?  Maybe they can pick up a book or two at the same time.


  1. Ms. Suzanne,

    What a lovely situation for Tammy. i would love to spend the weekend in ruffles!

    sissy terri

  2. Molly and Mick are going to the "big barn dance" tonight. No square dancing but lots of two stepping, swirling, dipping, etc.

    Guess I am fortunate that Mistress is not into this ruffled panty thing.

    I'll bet Sherry is looking forward to some attention from Tammy this weekend.



  3. Anonymous9/08/2012

    So Jay is getting back real soon so you can 't wait to hand Tim off to your sister.
    or am I missing something ?

  4. Those are pretty panties.

  5. I may need to get my sissy panties on, lol!
    Yes, I've bought from amazon (er, remember to check your amazon history, y'all! )