Thursday, August 23, 2012

Spanking My sissy

My personal sex attendant (tammy) didn't get home until after 9 PM last night due to a massive traffic tie jam where vehicles were backed up for more than 10 miles due to an accident.  Of course, she was partly to blame for her tardiness.  If she were listening to the traffic reports on the radio instead of trying to cram more work into her day on her cell phone, she would have known to take an alternate route.

Fortunately, I left the office early enough to avoid the delay but unfortunately, I was home alone with an itch between my legs that wasn't about to be satisfied by any inanimate toy I had lying around the bedroom.  One of those moods I suppose where you just have to have the real thing, whether it be the Trophy Cock or the cuckolds soft and slavish tongue. 

So I waited, and waited, and waited.  I'm a very patient person when it comes to some things (i.e. revenge) but for all matters sexual, I don't like waiting.  Worse, I hate being left to wait on someone else; especially when it's my submissive sissy cuckold.

I thought I'd be cute and when I saw her pull up the driveway, I grabbed the wooden spoon and waited with my arms folded by the door.  Think she could tell I was pissed?  I didn't even take her to the bedroom for the punishment.  We took a few steps into the great room and she was quickly over my lap, pants down to her ankles and panties pulled just below her buttocks.

I found a better wooden spoon by the way.  It's one we've had all along and I can't believe I haven't designated it as my spanking tool of choice.  Maybe tammy, who does most of the cooking intentionally hid it?  This one has a short rubber handle at the end which makes it much easier to hold and in turn, delivers a firmer smack to the bottom.  I loved how it worked.  I'd say it's 20% more efficient.  In other words, the punishment took less time and my pussy got worshiped 20% sooner!

I suppose many of you think I should end this by saying it was worth the wait.  Don't hold your breath - submissives should never keep their Dom/me waiting. 


  1. Little Willie8/23/2012

    That looks like it could hurt. Does anyone know if the slotted spoons hurt more than the solid ones?

    I'm new to spanking (on the receiving end).

    Little Willie

  2. Ouch! But a nice ouch!


  3. Poor tammy.
    she just can't win, can she?

  4. Nice job Suzanne. I think you displayed excellent patience.


    cuckolds aren't supposed to "win" :)


    1. Dear Carol,
      Well, it's just not fair.
      (But i love it!)
      Oh, shuddup!
      (i.e., stop gloating!)

    2. Dear Carol,
      I apologize for the above.
      I guess I was just trying too hard to be funny.
      Thank you for your comment.
      I didn't know cuckolds aren't supposed to win.
      Well, now i know.
      But they do, don't they?
      In their own little way, they do.

  5. Thats what I like about You Suzanne


    You poor dear kept waiting

    My heart goes out to you

    Should have broken out the spencer paddle:)

    The would have used the paddle,


  6. Ms. Suzanne,

    Did you find out if tammy hid this spoon on purpose? i checked out some wooden spoons in our own kitchen, and those with no rubber handles seem like they would be more difficult to use. i would probably hide the rubber-handled spoon too!

    sissy terri

  7. Dear Suzanne,

    it's sad but true... a Sissy slave has to be on time and punishment sure helps - if not her, it should have been a relieve for you.

    I would love if tammy would post her view of the punishment too


  8. Suzanne.. made me laugh. Sometimes when slutboy calls he asks..what are you doing Mistress? I say waiting on a man..thats my favorite thing in the world. <<sarcasm. I hate waiting too. And waiting for revenge..hmmm you hit the nail on the head. I can wait and wait. Well I plot too. Hmmm a wooden spoon, I dont think I have used one of those yet. Sounds like I need to get with the times. Fun fun!
    have a great weekend!

  9. Slotted spoons are also more efficient. the holes reduce wind resistance. So that was an excellent choice, Suzanne.

    The make sure he hides the slotted spoons,


  10. I hadn't thought about wind resistance Mick. Might be true...