Monday, August 6, 2012

Making Love to My sissy baby

When you're alone for a weekend with your cuckold, the kinky activities you can get into are a little limited.  Scratch out anything involving your lover, stud, bull or other extracurricular partner, unless you're willing to go out cruising for someone to bring home and provide you and your cuck with some entertainment.  That's not our thing so my carnal satisfaction was left in the hands (and other body parts) of my loving sissy.  I'm a lucky Domme aren't I?

I had a lazy Sunday morning enjoying several cups of coffee, reading some newspapers and watching the various news shows.  I came to the conclusion that the afternoon might be best spent doing some shopping with tammy; my own personal effort to help stimulate the economy which, depending who you talk to is ready to start humming again or already in the crapper.  

So by early afternoon my sissy baby was in a fresh diaper and accompanying me to the mall.  Since it was a baby weekend for tammy and she'd been quite the good submissive the past couple of days, I thought I'd buy her a little something from the baby department instead of our usual stop in lingerie.  "See anything you'd like?" I asked her with a wide smile.  she looked at me and just rolled her eyes.  It's not easy shopping with an uncooperative adult baby!  I was left to take matters into my own hands and decided upon a cute little quilted baby blanket.  It had pink ruffled edges, one side decorated with teddy bears and balloons and the other with building blocks and other baby toys.  Very sissyish too! 

Of course, I had to get something for myself and while at the same department store, I took my sweet time browsing, often handing my purse to tammy so she could hold it for me.  With all the things she's had to go through as a submissive, you'd think this little exercise would be easy.  Nay always seems like it's the most difficult for her, especially when I insist she hold it slung over her shoulder.  So once I found the suit I wanted to try on, I had tammy wait outside the dressing room holding the purse and the baby blanket.  Somehow she managed to survive the ordeal.  By the time I settled on the suit I wanted (the third one I tried on) I think she had overcome her initial embarrassment.

There was a special treat in store for her when we got home for being such a good sport.  I took the baby blanket to her room and spread it out on the floor at the foot of her bed, along with one of her pacifiers attached to a pink ribbon to put around her neck.  I went into the master bedroom to get some of my own things (Big Blackie and a tube of lube) and called her to her room.  I  greeted her in my birthday suit standing beside the baby blanket.  

After stripping to just her diaper and plastic panties, she lay on the blanket so I could smother her with the lovely folds of my pussy.   she was very appreciative, her excitement showing with the little bulge in the front of her diaper.  I stroked her as she licked me, caressing the clitty cock through the thick cotton diaper and pink plastic panties.  Well guess what? The little sissy came before I did!  Just for that, I stayed on her face until I had two orgasms and remained a little while longer while she did my ass with her tongue.  

Even though she had already cum, I hadn't brought Big Blackie in for nothing.  With my sissy laying on the blanket watching, I put on the strap-on before I knelt between her legs and took the plastic panties and diaper off.  The pink ribbon with the pacifier went around her neck and I stuck the pacifier between her lips before I put her on all fours.   The little slut couldn't get enough and came again.  Lucky the already soiled diaper was still around to protect the blanket!

It was the first time I made love to my sissy on her new baby blanket.  It's not going to be the last!


  1. she came twice - lucky tammy!

  2. You know, I thought about putting my own submissive husband in a diaper once for a New Year's eve party, but when I suggested it I realized he'd be walking around with an erection all night! Now that I keep him in chastity, it might be an idea worth pursuing.


  3. Who's getting pampered now?

    The over pampered,


    PS - thanks for all that stimulative shopping! You're a job creator!

  4. Ms. Suzanne,

    In addition to being a job creator, you're quite the stimulator of ideas for Dommes. Thanks so much.


  5. Suzanne,

    I'm beginning to think you have already written a book called "1001 Ways to Humiliate and Satisfy Your Sissy Cuckold," and are just teasing us with excerpts until it hits the book stores. Is there a movie deal in the works too?


  6. whoa.

    This was...intense.

    Sounds like you have a very full weekend, despite the "quieter" activities...

    Lucky baby slut!