Monday, July 2, 2012

Panty Worship

I have a question for my female readers.  Have you ever had your pussy licked while still wearing your panties?  All the way to orgasm?  No, this isn't part of my formal orgasm study or anything of the sort.  Rather, this little exercise is one of pure carnal enjoyment.  

I've had tammy all to myself for most of the weekend and the next few days so we have the opportunity to take things at a leisurely pace.  Having your submissive kiss and lick your pussy through your panties until you orgasm certainly takes longer, but it's time well spent.  Very leisurely.  

It also kills two birds with one stone.  Be honest, all submissive males (and probably a few others who are likely closet subs) just adore panty worship.  What better way for them to worship the panty than while you're wearing them?  It might be more humiliating for them if you just toss a panty on the floor and tell them to start paying homage, but they certainly put more effort into it if the the panty is snugly covering your pussy and ass.

The best part of the whole process is the enjoyment that YOU get out of this up close and personal panty worship exercise.  Even though his or her lips are not directly on your pussy, its lips or your clitoris, you can feel their movement as they become engulfed in their own servitude and submission, not to mention your own intoxicating aroma.  

Make sure they take their time too.  No need to rush things.  They might try to maneuver the front panty panel so their tongues can feel your tasty flesh directly.  Hold your ground.  Don't let them.  Instead, when you're ready, and only then, tell them to start licking your panties.  You'll notice how hard they work at it.  Their tongues will find your pussy lips through the panties and lick ferociously.  You'll feel their tongues at work, albeit in a softer more muffled manner.  It's very sensuous.

Their lips will find your clitoris as well, sucking through the panty's material as well.  Their sucking, the warm breath associated with their own heavy breathing, their tongues lapping over the panty's material all works to produce a pussy that's dripping wet and ready for anything.  Make sure to tell your submissive exactly what you want and how you want it, and above all enjoy your orgasm.

When you've cum, your panties will be sopping wet with your juices and your submissive's saliva.  If you're so inclined, you might let them enjoy the sensual mix and let them amuse themselves with the panty.

I wasn't.  Instead, I got to ride a nice big dildo that was harnessed to tammy's face.  Because of the panty worship I'd just enjoyed, it slid right in and brought me to another thunderous orgasm.  This one took much less time. 


  1. Ms. Suzanne,

    i hope you realize that this is a very sinister form of denial for a submissive male don't you?

    sissy terri

  2. I'm a bit submissive, I find panty licking while their being worn to be very erotic and sensual and a very submissive act. I enjoy it and perhaps as a special treat the panties can be lowered for more intimate contact with her bottom and pussy. I really enjoy sensing the increasing wetness through the material, very nice idea on your part.

    I enjoy your blog, keep up the good work!


  3. I love denying subby entrance, and having his tongue working overtime, leaving him a puddle of sexual frustration. So close and yet so far. subby has a love/hate relationship with panty worship. When he is called to worship me in such a manner, he knows that release for him is not an option.

  4. Its true Suzanne,

    You are quite the tease....

    And you always get your way:)

  5. Mmmm, that sounds like a great way to spend a long, hot afternoon. May I suggest a drink of Chateau Suzanne 2012 for tammy to suck through the material, just in case she gets thirsty?

  6. Oh! Oh! Oh!
    Well, I hope you're happy, Ms. Suzanne.
    Because i think i went and hurt myself again.

  7. That's been known to happen at the UCTMW World HQ.


  8. Ms. Suzanne,

    You exhibit quite a bit of patience for a demanding Domme! Lovely post.