Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Spanking Awaits

I was just going to leave a comment to Suzanne's last post but I couldn't resist responding to it with a post of my own.  There's also the possibility that my editorial privileges could be revoked so I figured I might as well post while I still can.

There's no getting out of this spanking Suzanne.  I may be willing to negotiate the implement I use for your punishment, but the spanking is going to happen.  I don't think your fans will think any less of you as a Domme just because you put yourself over my lap to receive what you know deep down is justly deserved.

Besides your annoying habit of referring to me as "The TC", there's another area where you need improvement:  Your coffee making skills.  No doubt tammy brews an excellent cup of coffee and you know how much I like it.  Remember the last time you stayed at my place and insisted that you make the coffee in the morning?  Even after I volunteered to do it?  Remember how it tasted?  When I told you that it wasn't very good, your response was "Yeah.  It does suck doesn't it?"  I rest my case.

So what will it be?  Paddle, crop or bare hand?

Your legions of fans are waiting to hear your decision.


  1. I would seriously advise the bare hand Suzanne

    Sorry Jay:)

  2. Hi Jay,

    The spoon, the spoon, the spoon...


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  3. Ha, the tables turn! Nice...

  4. I need to go with WC here, bare handed would be better than a crop.

    Truly, almost anything is better than a spoon or the back of a hairbrush.


  5. Anonymous5/31/2012

    Fight back, maybe tc needs a littile panty discipline.


  6. Anonymous5/31/2012

    "Paddle, crop or bare hand?" << this is a preposition -- not a sentence.

  7. More grammar police, haunting the sex blogs. Sweet anon? We're here for the hanging body parts, not dangling participles and whatnot. Sorry, luv, but you're totally missing the point here!

    Suzanne? do NOT want the hairbrush, please trust me on this one!

    (and barehanded is so sensual, even though, yanno, it's a spanking...!)


  8. Speaking from the submissive side....there's something about seeing your usually dominant wife being disciplined by a superior male. Lucky Tammy.

    It's also nice to see that English teachers frequent sex blogs. How times have changed since I was in school.


  9. It seems we are unanimous: the bare handed spanking definitely is much more personal and no doubt well deserved. There's nothing worse than a bad cup of coffee!


  10. Mick

    I didn't know you were such a Seattle guy:)

  11. Pretty funny Jay. Not "pee in your pants" or "ROFL" type of funny, but funny.

    From now on when tammy's not around, you make the coffee. You can supply your own cream too :)



  12. Suzanne,

    For what it's worth, I think "switching" is fun once and awhile. I just can't do it with my submissive husband; wouldn't feel quite the same as with my lover. Give it a shot!


  13. Jay..hey be nice to Suzanne.. !!! Give Suzanne the wink.. guess I told him!..

    Im sure you will both work it out..but make sure you get what YOU want Suzanne.. hang onto that Domme card with all your might!! Teasing.. kind of.. :)
    hugs to you all

  14. One doesn't have to be a submissive to enjoy a spanking (although I suppose it helps). I've put several women over my lap for a spanking who weren't submissive by any stretch of the imagination. Try to enjoy it :)