Friday, March 30, 2012

Using My sissy husband

What a difference a day makes.  No Kink Tuesday was a distant memory as soon as tammy walked into the house on Wednesday night.  I have a feeling she knew she was in for some sort of cuckolding activity from the multiple text messages I sent her asking for updates on her estimated arrival time.  Air travel is so unpredictable.  I just happened to be looking forward to enjoying my cuckold more than usual Wednesday.

My sister wasn't expected here until Thursday morning, and it was just going to be tammy, Jay and yours truly.  Not that Sherry interrupts or inhibits much of our cuckolding, but it's nice to be able to use our little plaything with total disregard for anyone or anything else around the house.  In addition to all that, timing was pretty good too.  I was going to be off for a couple of days due to some doctors' appointments and probably wouldn't be up to anything too strenuous until later in the weekend.  It would be a good night to let loose.

I was working on my laptop and Jay was reading the newspaper when sissy arrived.  Like she usually does, she came in to give me a kiss when I stood up, pointed for her to kneel and presented her with my ass.  I pushed it against her lips and left it there.  I love the feel of her warm breath there.  I had her lower her slacks and to her surprise, let her out of her CB.

My instructions were pretty simple:  Shower, put on something pretty and paint your sissy lips and wait for us in the master bedroom.  We would be upstairs in about a half hour.   Jay appeared uninterested with his head probably buried in the sports section.  He had said hello to tammy when she walked in but other than that, seemed oblivious to what I was doing or saying.  He wasn't.  I'm sure he knew what was in store when he heard me say I wanted some lipstick on sissy's lips when we saw her again.

she looked luscious when we walked into the bedroom.  she was sitting on the edge of the bed in a pink babydoll (what else?), matching panties and her ruby red lips looked just luscious.  I took her by the hand and led her just outside of the bedroom and into the hallway.  "Kneel down and wait here" I told her.  I turned around and closed the bedroom door.

I should have gotten things ready earlier, but I had things to do and lost track of time.  There were a few props and toys that I wanted laid out for our use so that once we got going, there wouldn't be any fumbling around getting this and that.  Before I got undressed with Jay, I assembled the toys and put them where they'd be within reach when we needed them.  There was plenty of lube as well.  A tube on each nightstand.  I even had the wooden spoon ready.

sissy's spent some time on her knees outside our bedroom door before while Jay made love to me.  It's sort of a little lesson in humility, and I'm sure she thought she was being put through the same paces again.  Instead, when we had everything in place and taken our time to undress each other, I opened the bedroom door to give sissy a look at the two of us totally naked and Jay in the early stages of arousal. 

The pillows were placed strategically on the king sized bed so that I could lay at the head of the bed and offer my pussy for worship.  There were also a couple of pillows lengthwise in the middle of the bed for tammy to straddle, leaving her pretty little bottom upturned for whatever fun we had in mind.  A fluffy pink towel was draped over the pillows, just in case our little baby had an accident.

I got on the bed first and told tammy to lay on the pillows and bury her face into my pussy and start licking.  I could sense she was a little tense, thinking that she was probably being led to the sacrificial altar to be taken by the Trophy Cock, a far more formidable tool than Big Blackie.  While sissy licked, Jay slipped a latex glove on his right hand.  tammy's fears must have heightened even more when Jay spread her smooth cheeks and began to apply plenty of lubricant to her cute bottom with his hand.  By now, she must have thought for sure she was going to submit to Jay and the TC.  Much to her surprise (and relief) that wasn't going to be the case. 

As she continued to tongue me, Jay began probing sissy's pussy with his gloved hand.  By now, the TC was almost at its regular aroused state and was teasing sissy's bottom with its presence while Jay's fingers worked her over.  The sight of Jay's cock laying on sissy's cheeks had me salivating as well; the sight of it combined with the tongue fucking of my pussy was bringing me to the brink of orgasm pretty quickly. 

Jay continued to tease sissy with both his cock and his fingers, slapping her cheeks with the rock hard TC while his fingers probed her pussy.  tammy moved her ass back and forth in response to Jay's digital manipulations.  There were a few times where I'm sure tammy thought the TC was going to slide between her cheeks, with Jay placing it there and sliding it back and forth.  As sissy continued to hump her bottom back and forth I realized that the little bitch was going to cum before I did.  She did, moaning uncontrollably as she messed the pink towel that was over the pillows. 

Rarely do I let her cum first, but shit happens.  Her euphoria was short lived.  I soon had her back to work on my pussy until I enjoyed an orgasm of my own.  When I did, her oral service was far from over.  Jay had to be taken care of, and there was some freshening up to do.  The ruby red lipstick was a little smudged and messy from the pussy licking.  A trip to the bathroom for a short makeover is all it took to make her mouth look very, very fuckable. 

tammy was put back in her position over the pillows while Jay and I switched our original positions.  He sat at the head of the bed, giving sissy perfect access to the TC.  After sliding into the strap-on with Big Blackie, I was kneeling at the foot of the bed staring down a perfectly lubricated pussy to have fun with.  The sensual spit-roasting of our pretty submissive was ready to start. 

Both Jay and I had excellent vantage points to see everything that was going on.  Jay looked very happy as sissy licked the head of the TC and began sliding it back and forth into her mouth, eventually taking it all exactly like I taught her.  Jay also got to see me thrusting into sissy with Big Blackie rather forcefully, his eyes sometimes focused on the movement of my breasts.  I was going to fuck sissy until she got Jay off, and I didn't want her to miss a drop of his cum. 

Jay came rather hard and loud.  I couldn't help but pound sissy even more when that happened.  I only pulled out of her when his orgasm was over.  There seemed to be very little spillage.  tammy cleaned up what little there was without even being told. 

We took a little while to catch our breath, but there was one last thing I needed.  It was time I became the center of attention instead of tammy.  she still took her position in the middle of the bed, but this time on her back.  I got on all fours and straddled her face, letting her lick my pussy for a few minutes.  Then it was my turn for the Trophy Cock.  Jay bellied up to the bar and took me doggie style. 

It was the "piece de resistance" of the entire evening.  And my sissy cuckold had a perfect view of a creampie in the making. 


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  2. Hi Ms. Suzanne,

    You guys.... :-)


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  3. What a beautiful description of a fabulous evening!

    While aroused by the whole thing, I did laugh at your comment about tammy being concerned about being led to the sacrificial altar of the TC. :)


  4. very hot and tammy is so lcuky to have You both.
    Very hot scene and i can only pretend to be like tammy one day
    thanks for sharing

  5. You three are so vanilla:)

    The impressed


  6. I was a little concerned after than vanilla post on Wednesday, then no post yesterday. Made me wonder.

    Glad to see my worries were misplaced.

    I love the finale by the way. Got my own version of the TC a little swollen.


  7. well well you do know how to make someone feel welcome when they come home. I'm shocked no one asked but the picture you have posted, is it...... could it be.....

  8. What an arousing story!

  9. Such an appropriate title to this blog: "Using My sissy husband", with the key word being USING. To be used like he was has to be quite a nice feeling for a submissive like your husband.

    sissy terri

  10. Any flavor but vanilla. I love it.


  11. mmmmm sounds like she was a very lucky girl.and a beautiful night was had by all

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