Tuesday, March 29, 2011

A Spanking for Sissy

I've always taken my responsibility as the Dominant partner in our Female Led Relationship rather seriously.  Besides all the fun and enjoyment it brings us, it's important to remember that it's a lifestyle where the D/s dynamic is a constant - it doesn't just disappear when one of us "isn't in the mood."   That constant dynamic can't turn into complete drudgery and misery for either party.  That being said, I make sure that sissy is well cared for both physically and emotionally.  sissy's recent guiche piercing is a case in point. 

While sissy's guiche piercing heals (yes, it is doing very well), I've been careful with the type of activities that I insist upon.  I'm of the mindset that the pleasure the piercing will bring us in the long run will be well worth all the waiting we're doing now while it heals.  Even though the healing process is far from complete, there are a few things that I'm certainly ready to delve back into.  More specifically, I thought sissy was way overdue for a good old fashioned over the knee spanking last night.  A few minor transgressions had taken place without the proper discipline and rather than let such things continue to pile up, I thought it best to get back into our regular routine.  Besides, a good spanking often does wonders for both sissy and my own emotional states!

I called tammy as I was leaving the office last night to find out what time she'd be arriving at home.  After she told me what time she would be home, I let her know that I'd call her after my workout at the gym.  She asked me what I wanted for dinner and I told her to surprise me.  I also had a little surprise for her.  After the workout and a nice hot shower, I left the gym and gave her a call.  I told her I'd be home in about ten minutes and to meet me in the foyer like she usually does but wearing nothing but her panties. 

When I got home, tammy was on her knees in the foyer like she always is and clad only in her pink and white panties.  After planting a kiss on my bottom, I told her to follow me upstairs to the bedroom, where I proceeded to strip down to my bra, panties and heels before taking a paddle out of my dresser drawer.  Sitting down on the ottoman in front of the chair in the far end of the bedroom, I smiled at tammy, patted my lap with both hands and said "Down with the panties honey, it's been way too long."  Standing next to me, she lowered her panties down to her ankles (just the way I like it) and lowered herself over my lap. 

The spanking was certainly not severe but harsh enough to cause her some discomfort and bring her very close to tears.  Feeling the nice warm glow emanating from her cute little bottom reminded me of how much I missed these discipline sessions and why I so look forward to them!

When I was done, I told tammy to get up and gave her the paddle so she could put it away.  As she was doing so, she graciously thanked me for the discipline.  "You're welcome" I told her, "But I'm sure you know how you can really thank me."  With that, I climbed onto the bed, lay back and spread my legs.  "No need to kiss me through my panties to start off" I told her, "Just slide them off and get to it."  she did as she was told and was soon bringing me to a very wonderful and loving orgasm.  Too soon actually....I insisted on another.  

Laying there relaxing as she continued to kiss my thighs I asked her what was for dinner.  "Grilled chicken over a Caesar Salad.  I still have to grill the chicken outside" she said.  "Too bad it's so cold out. I'd like to watch you grill in nothing but your frilly apron" I kidded her.  "Really, make sure to dress warm" I added.  After all, I'm a very, very caring Domme :)

Note:  Today's artwork is courtesy of "Tommy", a wonderful artist whose work has been shown here once before and featured over at Ma'am Yes Ma'am.  Tommy and I have been corresponding back and forth and you're likely to see some of his work featured here again.  I think you would agree that Tommy's work really is outstanding.  I'd really appreciate it if some of you would drop him a short note and provide him with some feedback.  It would be important to me and I'm sure he'd appreciate hearing what you think of his work.

Tommy's email address is:   tommysimages@aol.com

Thanks so much Tommy!  In the future though, could you make my ass just wee bit smaller???   Of course, I understand you can't work miracles.  Hey...it is what it is!


  1. You're right not to let those grievances pile up. Mick

  2. Suzanne -

    Tommy's artwork popped right off the page - I like it very much.

    I nodded my head at a few things in this post - one is that you address the idea of keeping things hopping and particularly the responsibility of the domina in that regard. Very true! Also - like Mick said to not let those grievances pile up - I've been guilty of that and had to really come down hard on sissy at times because I was too lazy to deal with minor problems when I should've.

    I laughed at you getting a double helping of orgasm! Very nice!

    Glad to hear that both of you are feeling better.


  3. Dear Suzanne,

    I wanted to ask you before if it was realistic for me to persue an 24/7 D/s relationship.
    At a certain point I doubted if it was at all possible to intergrate such a lifestyle into day to day living. But here I read that you, tammy and Jake are able combine it all with your busy lives!

    This gives me high hopes for my own future with my Wife/Mistress.

    Can you give some insight how long you and tammy have been full time partners?


  4. Hi Suzanne:

    You are quite right that maintaining the D/s dynamic can be a challenge. It should never be a drudgery or a misery for anyone but it's not always easy to keep it going. For Her Majesty and I it's always present but sometimes it's more in the background than others. Certainly regular corporal punishment sessions help reinforce the dynamic for both parties and can do a great deal to relieve stress at least for the submissive partner. Really enjoyed Tommy's artwork! I will drop him a note! ;-)

  5. But that ass is so beautiful!!! It radiates such unblushing, feminine power! The woman sitting in that chair doesn't involve herself in the agony of "does this make my butt look big"??? No...This is a Woman who is goddamned proud of her butt!!!

    Art has this affect on me...I react with passion. Thank-You Tommy


  6. Mick - you are a wise man...excellent advice :)
    Marie - even Domme's get lazy once and awhile...but we deserve it right?

    Maid of IC....we've been together just over 5 years.

    HMp - glad you enjoyed the artwork.

    ahuman....I do like your reaction to the artwork...and the ass!