Sunday, February 20, 2011

sissy's turn - my Collar and Leash

As a submissive with a rather healthy, albeit sometimes suppressed, sex drive, i am often aroused very quickly by the mere sight or mention of some things.  It could be something as simple as Suzanne leaving out a special pair of panties for me in a prominent location in our home, a riding crop, a collar and leash, or anything else that gets my mind to associate with some D/s related activity or state of submission.  The same can be said for certain phrases, motions, looks or some other type of body language that, over time, a Domme and sub learn to understand their intent, meaning and the clarity of direction they convey.

i experienced something quite similar yesterday when Sherry walked out of the house and into the SUV with the dog collar and leash she had bought for me several months ago as we were leaving to go snowshoeing.  "I just want to make sure you don't stray very far from me" she said, putting the collar around my neck and attaching the leash.  i didn't get a chance to say anything as she quickly changed the subject, intent on discussing events in the Middle East, her most recent commercial real estate ventures, and where to go out to dinner last night.  

Our destination was about a half hour away; a lake with numerous trails that are maintained by a local environmental and wildlife type organization.  Near the organization's "clubhouse" there were several cars belonging to other hikers parked around the lot, some with their occupants milling around, putting on their cross country skis or snowshoes.  Before we got out of the SUV, Sherry unhitched the leash from the collar.  "I can trust you to stay close right?" she giggled.  "Of course" i answered.

While visible, the collar wasn't overly noticeable.  In addition, i hadn't parked real close to any of the other cars.  Even though i had been aroused by the collar initially, i was somewhat anxious about the possibility of other hikers seeing it.  my self consciousness was evident.  i was fortunate in a way that Friday's unseasonably warm temperatures had turned quite cold by midday.  The winds were very strong and the temps dropping.  We needed the extra layers of clothing we had brought, including my parka, which would likely hide the collar pretty well.

We enjoyed our snowshoeing around the lake.  Sherry is athletic and in very good shape.  It was much more a workout than it was a leisurely hike and soon, we were able to remove some layers of clothing.  My collar was very visible.  Fortunately, the trails were not crowded, and only an occasional skier, hiker or fellow snowshoe enthusiast would have the opportunity to see the collar, if they even noticed.   

When we finally made our way back to the car, we had enjoyed quite a workout despite the cold and high winds.  After taking our snowshoes off and stowing them in the back, we got in the vehicle where Sherry once again attached the leash to my collar.  Before we got on the highway to head back home, Sherry wanted to get some coffee.  Just before the on ramp, there was a Dunkin Donuts with a drive thru.  i placed the order for the two coffees and pulled up to the window to pick up our coffees.  

As i pulled up, i looked at Sherry to see if she was going to undo the leash.  Her look gave no such indication.  She handed me a twenty dollar bill, and held onto the leash firmly.  By then, my arousal was combined with some embarrassment, as i could feel my face flush as i neared the window.  "Four seventy six" the woman at the window said.  i handed her the twenty and held out my hand waiting for the change.  It wasn't until I had to reach out for the two cups of coffee that she noticed the collar and the leash that was being held by Sherry in the passenger's seat.  i tried to look away but our eyes met.  "Thanks" i said, taking the coffees, handing them to Sherry, then driving off. 

"See, that wasn't so bad. I'll bet you even enjoyed it?" Sherry asked.

It took me awhile to answer but finally, I admitted it.  "Yes.  i did."

The ride home was surprisingly quiet.  The radio was on and Sherry kept changing the station.  When we arrived at home, the collar stayed on after she unhitched the leash again.  After putting things away, she told me she was going to take a shower and suggested i do the same and meet her in her room when i was done.  "Wear something cute" she said as went in her room and closed the door.

After my shower, i put on a peach colored baby doll nightgown and made my way to her room.  She hadn't returned from her own shower yet.  But, on the bed beside the collar and leash were my bib and the face strap on, carefully placed  for me to see while waiting for her.  i was already in a deep sub space when she finally entered the room. 


  1. tammy- ooh, what an exciting post -- and day for you two!! Love how Sherry took control in the car. The little things, changing topics and talking about the Middle East, changing the stations... while you just drove. The snow-shoeing sounds exciting like that! :)
    Man, the coffee drive-thru really gets me... I'm glad you admitted you liked it! :)
    Have a great trip!

  2. Yes, very good post but hope you continue the story and tell whether she was pleased with your efforts with the bib on.


  3. Hi tammy,

    The game of teasing you into delicious sub-space worked well for Sherry. I think she's going to have to find a boy of her own eventually.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  4. Umm...not to complain, but you kind of left me hanging there. More, please?

  5. Actually Donna...I kind of liked tammy's ending to the post. After all, she did mention the collar, leash, bib and face strap-on that were all lying on the bed. I know from a very good source that all of them were put to good use!

    But to your point, tammy does need to overcome some inhibitions she has about describing these things :)