Monday, February 21, 2011

"The Cuckold Spanking" -

Some time ago I added Underling's Humblings to my blog list out of admiration for his work along with my growing interest in domestic discipline.  Ever the gentleman, he emailed me to express his thanks for adding his blog.  That email led to several other exchanges where I explained how domestic discipline had slowly begun to play a larger role in our relationship.  I also shared with him some of the settings in which I liked to administer it as well as how disciplining sissy in front of others always seems to add to the eroticism and intensify the punishment.  While this is probably true of any discipline that takes place in front of an audience, large or small, there's even more symbolism and eroticism added to the event when it takes place in front of my lover, Jay.

All that being said, I asked Underling if he had ever created a piece of art where the sissy cuckold was being spanked in front of the wife's lover.  He admitted that he had not but found the idea very interesting.  Well, I had no choice but to ever-so-"humbly" ask Underling if he would consider doing one for my blog.  His affirmative response resulted in my first ever piece of commissioned art!  I worked with Underling, providing him with some different pieces of information, including tidbits about the various times I've spanked sissy in Jay's presence.  Quite frankly, his work speaks for itself and in my humble opinion, is nothing short of spectacular.  The final result is what I've named "The Cuckold Spanking."

I've been planning to reveal this beautiful piece for a couple of weeks now but the timing was never quite right.  Our schedules or other small issues always seemed to "get in the way" of giving sissy a "cuckold spanking", writing about it and finally unveiling Underling's work.  While I love spontaneity, I am also a planner by nature (some people call it "anal" which would certainly please the recovering Western Correspondent) and made plans to administer the cuckold spanking last night upon my return from weekend skiing with Jay.

There were several reasons for this decision.  First, it was a very good time for the "reminder spanking" I wanted to administer before I left.  I'm headed to Europe tonight and won't be seeing sissy until some time next week when we hook up in Florida.  The second reason was that yesterday, Jay and I didn't have any sex in the morning because we wanted to wake up early and hit the slopes to get as much skiing in as possible before heading home.  Hey, I know it's hard for me not to have morning sex when Jay's around but somehow I managed to live through it!  I also wanted to make up for that lack of morning play with an early evening lovemaking session with my lover because he wouldn't be spending the night.  I wanted to spend the night alone with sissy after the lovemaking and her special "cuckold spanking."

After Sherry had left, I told sissy to head upstairs to the master bedroom and get a few things ready for my arrival.  I wanted a black lace bra, panty and garter belt set laid out on the bed along with matching thigh highs.  sissy was to wait for us kneeling at the foot of the bed dressed only in her "punishment panties."  We gave her a few minutes before heading upstairs.  she helped get the both of us undressed, and helped me into my sexy outfit and some matching black heels.  After fetching me a stool from the other guest bedroom, I had her present me with my favorite paddle as she knelt before me.  Much to her surprise, Jay handed me the key to her chastity belt.  I told her to stand and released her from chastity before putting her over my lap.

I began the spanking with several lighter swats on each of her cute little cheeks, making sure they were slowly turning a very feminine shade of pink.  Each time I paused, I caressed her bottom and teased her about getting spanked in front of my lover.  The teasing, coupled with the paddling, seem to have a rousing effect on my sissy.  Pausing one more time, I had her lift her girlish butt so I could feel the little bulge between her legs growing and responding to my touch.  

"The Cuckold Spanking"
As the spanking intensified, Jay made his way to the edge of the bed, positioning himself close enough so that sissy, with little effort, could reach his growing cock with her lips.  "I want you to get Jay ready for me while I spank you" I told her.  As sissy began kissing Jay's cock, my swats intensified as did the teasing of my little sissy bitch.  "You love sucking cock as you get spanked don't you?" I asked her.  I didn't expect any audible type of response, as Jay's cock was already firmly in her mouth, but did want some type of acknowledgment.  "Well, don't you?" I asked again.   sissy nodded in the affirmative and made some sort of muffled sound as she continued her cuckold prep duties.  Seeing Jay hold sissy's head down onto his cock only served to arouse me even more and in turn, increase the rapidity of the blows that were landing on her buttocks.  Soon, her cheeks were crimson and Jay's cock was as as ready for me as it was ever going to be!  

I put the paddle down and told sissy to go stand in the corner of the bedroom.  As I rolled onto the bed and Jay rolled on top of me, I had a perfect view of my sissy husband's beautifully paddled bottom (I have to say I am getting much better at spankings) as my lover buried his lovely cock deep inside of me.  I'd been waiting for weeks to have this particular scene play out.  Trust me, it was worth it.  As Jay filled me with his cum, I had one of the most powerful orgasms I've had in a very, very long time.  I was pretty vocal about it too!

After coming down from my high, I had sissy come over for her cuckold cleaning duties on both Jay and I.   I made sure she didn't linger too long on Jay's cock.  I wanted her between my legs where her real treat was located.  It was so soothing.  The soft and gentle strokes of her tongue were the perfect follow up to the hard and firm lovemaking I had just enjoyed.  It was the best of both worlds.  

After Jay left, I spent the night alone with sissy.   I wanted to make sure my sissy wife's needs were met before her head hit the pillow and she was off to sleep.  Since we were both off today, there was plenty of time for some morning worship.  A trip to the gym early this afternoon led to some more body worship.  I'm getting all I can before I leave!

Some Miscellaneous Notes:  As you know, we'll both be away for awhile.  sissy is headed down to DC on a business trip and won't be back until Sunday.  She'll be in chastity but I told her I would grant her permission to take the CB-6000 off for brief periods.  I expect her to take a picture of the numbered lock each time she takes it off and immediately after a new lock goes on and send it to me on her cell phone.  It should make for an interesting exercise.......If you scroll down to the bottom of the page of my blog, you'll see that I've added those posts that have garnered the most page views since I've been posting.  They still seem to attract attention.  They're there for you to take a peak at while I'm away.....sissy will be posting for a couple of days in my absence next week before she meets Jay and I in Florida.  We're planning to visit Aunt Louse for a day or two then catch some Red Sox spring training games.  Opening Day is just around the corner.....I am going to give Jay an opportunity to finally win a bet.  I'm hoping we can do something for the NCAA tournament.  I don't he's patient enough to wait for the baseball playoffs! 

Finally, my heart felt thanks to Underling.  I'm sure everyone will enjoy his work.  Don't be afraid to express it!  Just so everyone knows, this piece of art was not "free"; it came at a price.  I owe my dear friend Underling a spanking.  I'll be glad to oblige :)


  1. Hi Ms. Suzanne,

    A wonderful post that got me all hot and bothered (I'm locked up again and longing for a return to the good old days).

    underling should be handled severely for his prurient ideas, even if you guided him there. Well done, underling!


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  2. that's hot...and by the sounds of it...humiliating...i'm still waiting for the time that my Wife thinks it's right for Her to take one of Her lovers to bed in my be spanked in front of him...scares me to death...but i am writing this with an erection from reading your post!!!...

  3. Lovely art, Suzanne. Have a safe and enjoyable trip. Mick

  4. Nice! fantastic art. Really enjoy this post and the picture. Its so nice to wake up and read your blog everyday... thanks!

  5. Hi Suzanne,

    What a highly erotic post!
    Have you ever considered to let Jay give tammy a spanking? (since tammy is already subservient to Jay) Wouldn't that be the ultimate display of her subservient role to the both of you?

    Have a nice trip to Europe!

  6. My dear Suzanne. I'm wondering if the thought of Jay's manhood filling Tammy has crossed the minds of any of you and what your thoughts are on the subject. I'm a dominant man and have often thought it would be a wonderful part of the play and love making between three people such as yourselves.

  7. Anonymous2/22/2011

    Very Exciting Blog! My submissive hubbie was eventually spanked and fucked by my lover. He is more submissive than ever and my life cannot be any better.

  8. My, what a Team! You and Underling... as well as Jay and tammy, of course! What a hawt story intertwined with the artwork!! You got my sissy cock twitching in my panties with that one!
    Have great trips!

  9. Very hot suzanne,

    Thankd for the kind thoughts while I was ill, and have a great trip.

    Your fan,

    The ever humble,


  10. Anonymous2/22/2011

    As a cuckold husband, I can only say be careful what you ask for. My mistress lover/bull regularly puts me over his knee and spanks me in front of her to show his dominance. Last month I was bent over and taken in privately. He said my wife requested it.

    1. Anonymous12/17/2013

      Did he feel good inside you?

  11. i love the artwork. thanks for sharing it. -- olivia

  12. Great post and great artwork.

  13. Anonymous2/23/2011

    Dear Suzanne and tammy:

    I love your blog, and I especially enjoyed this collaboration with Underling's Humblings, and it has rightly assumed a place of pride in the Popular Posts section. I just have two proofreading/editorial quibbles: one is "Aunt Louse" in the second-to-last paragraph, the other is the recurring use of "I" in phrases where it is the object of a preposition (examples from this post: "cuckold cleaning duties on both Jay and I" and "before she meets Jay and I in Florida"). Speaking of which, have a great time in Florida! Nikto

  14. Wonderfully exciting post. Loved the thought of her getting Jay ready while being paddled.

    Loved the mention of morning worship and especially body worship after a trip to the gym.

  15. Just found your blog and gotta say that I love it! The artwork is amazing. It captures the feeling =) Will be following!

  16. Just dropping in belatedly to say thanks for all your nice comments on my picture, and of course to Suzanne for providing the incentive and the inspiration! S, my invoice will be in the mail. For provision of artwork: one spanking :).

    Regular visitors to my blog will know that my drawings are usually wholly innocent - kittens, pastoral English landscapes, that sort of thing. No, really! ;)

    Best wishes,


    1. ould you everconsider a drawing of the cuckold being spanked OTK by the wifes lover while she sits and enjoys the show?

    2. ould you everconsider a drawing of the cuckold being spanked OTK by the wifes lover while she sits and enjoys the show?

  17. Anonymous9/27/2014

    My girlfriend and I have been with each other for a year and plan to be married in 8 months. I told her my fetish for being a cuck sissy and and having her put me in chastity when we are apart along with paddlings and canings on a regular basis but 2 days a go I had this exact dream of being forced to suck her lovers cock as I am being spanked . I told her everything as I always do good or bad and she loves me so much she will do almost anything to accomadate my needs . We are both going to be 60 this year and we couldn't be happier. I don't know if my fantasies will come true in real life but I do know that when she spanks me tonight before bed I am going to hear her talking an unbelievable game of sucking that cock good or else. She is my Mistress for life and she gets off doing it for me so you never know what the future holds. Im in love and things couldn't get any better for me.
    If anyone is near NYC or NJ we would love to meet and play as a couple or single as long as my girl and I are together in the same room . It will be fun and we both look much younger and in shape than your normal 60 yr olds so don't worry about what we look like . We both still get butterfies in our stomachs still too.
    Great story and great relationship to all of you . Thanks so much.
    Mistress Deborah Ann and Jimmy (slut sissy potty slave)

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