Friday, January 14, 2011

sissy’s Punishment(s) & This Weekend’s Picks

It’s likely that some readers have probably wondered what sissy did last weekend to incur my wrath.  In retrospect, there were a number of factors that led to my displeasure – not the least of which was the subtle tension that existed between Jay and I last Saturday over the many inconveniences that took place at the start of our weekend.  We were also both guilty of some rather childish behavior over the result of the Seahawks – Saints game.   tammy’s little slip-ups in her first blog entry were not only minor, but quite likely totally unnoticeable to any of my readers.  There was indeed other behavior which shall remain out of the “public domain” for which she needed to be held accountable.  she understands this and her apology has been accepted, but the entire punishment has not yet run its due course.  It should be complete by the Saturday evening. 

In a FemDomme or Wife Led Marriage, the sub’s pain, punishment, discomfort, etc. can quite often translate into their Domme’s own selfish pleasure.  Other times, the punishment takes place with the sole purpose of keeping the relationship on the right track and provides little, if any, erotic pleasure for the Domme.  At least that’s the way it is in our own relationship.  While most of tammy’s discipline tends to fall in the former category, there certainly are instances that fall into the latter of which I don’t often write about.  They are not the most erotic of scenes but rather, a necessary component of our lifestyle. 

Last night was the first night in quite a while that I had the opportunity to spend time alone with tammy.  Jay was back at his place and won’t be here until Saturday night.   Some time yesterday afternoon, I decided that tammy wouldn’t be allowed to worship my body in any way for the next few days.  A few moments after a short text to her with instructions to call me, my cell phone was humming with sissy at the other end of the line.  The conversation was pretty straightforward.  I told her what I wanted for dinner, my approximate arrival time, and how I wanted her “dressed” when I arrived.  she would be naked with the exception of some high heels, her chastity belt and one of her prettier aprons. 

I stopped at the gym on the way home for a rather lengthy workout.  When I arrived at home, tammy was kneeling in the foyer, dressed as instructed, waiting to kiss my bottom.  I walked past her and told her to wait in the kitchen while I went upstairs.  I returned with one of my toys to help enhance various forms of punishment and discipline.  It is one of two spreader bars we have.  It’s about 18” long with locking ankle cuffs - perfect to keep our little sissy hobbling about.  she remained this way while I took a nice hot shower.  Once I was back downstairs, she served me dinner and we ate together at the dining room table.  After dinner, she went about her domestic duties while I did some of my own work. 

When she was finished her duties, I unlocked the spreader bar and told her to head upstairs, take a shower and I would meet her in the master bedroom.  About an hour later, she found herself lying on her back on the bed, each of her wrists bound to the sides of the bed and the spreader bar locked firmly in place.  A harness with its lovely protruding phallus was secured firmly in place on her head.  I left her that way for awhile as I made a few phone calls from my office and put a short posting up on the blog. 

I did miss her lovely lips worshiping my body after an intense workout at the gym, along with all the intimacy that surrounds it.  But quite frankly, I know she missed it more than I did.  She knows there will be future opportunities and her own pleasure would have to wait.  Unlike her however, I have options for my own pleasure.   tammy just happened to be wearing one of those options last night.  I put it to good use before I put her to bed.  Feeling more benevolent after the orgasm she helped facilitate, I did remove the spreader bar before tucking her in. 

The Weekend’s Picks

Jay and I have agreed to act much more civil this weekend when it comes to our “bet.”  Given my tendency to be sarcastic, it will be much more challenging for me. 

Baltimore (+3 ½) at Pittsburgh  Neither one of us likes either of these two teams, but, a bet is a bet.
Suzanne – Baltimore.  Jay – Pittsburgh.

Green Bay (+2 ½) at Altlanta   Jay’s a big Matt Ryan fan and likes the home field. 
Suzanne – Green Bay.    Jay – Atlanta.

Seattle (+10) at Chicago  An NFL analyst quipped that as long as Jay Cutler doesn’t try to show off his arm or do anything stupid, the Bears should win easily.  My own observation is not to count on Cutler for anything. 
Suzanne – Seattle.  Jay – Seattle.

New York Jets (+8 ½) at New England   Jets aren’t as bad as the 45-3 humiliation they suffered here last time.  Do you think Rex is into…..never mind.   It’s a lot of points to give….but…
Suzanne – New England.  Jay – New England.

There you have it.  With the same picks for Sunday, Saturday will be “The Big Day” for our bet.  On Sunday, Jay’s invited Sherry to join the three of us for the Pats – Jets game in Foxboro.  Should be a great time!

By the way, Saturday will also be sissy’s final formal punishment day.  Since a portion of her behavior took place with Jay and Sherry either present or “in the mix”, it’s certainly appropriate that part of her punishment take place in their presence.  They’ll both be staying over on Saturday night, each arriving in time to enjoy the game…..among other things. 


  1. How nice that Tammy was wearing one of the options for your pleasure while she was denied. You are doing a good job of training her and punishing her will look forward to hearing about her punishment on Saturday.


  2. Imagining how that device works in that position can be a little distracting here at work in River City. I need to remind myself not to read these entries until I get home from now on!

    as for your bets,I have a feeling that Jay will come out ahead on Sunday. But good luck to you both!


  3. Thanks FD. As you can imagine, training is ongoing, part of my "lifelong learning" philosophy!

    Mick - Sorry to distract you ;-) However, something tells me that happens quite often. Are you secretly rooting for Jay to win this weekend?

  4. Hey Suzanne,

    It happenens most every day to Mick because Molly stops by his office for worship!

    I too fear you are in trouble on your bets weekend, and yes I am rooting for Jay.;)

    Will be greaqt blog story!



  5. I am not rooting for either of you.... just appraising the likelihood of the Falcons and Stillers covering those modest point spreads.

  6. glad to see both of my boys reading suzanne's blog rather than working -- for me-- did not get to read anything until now as work really sucked today

  7. Suzanne,

    Just heard some of Wes Welkers presser, where his used the word foot feet or toes about 30 times,




  8. Nice picturing tammy kissing your butt upon arrival, and her in her spreader bar and chastity device.

    Good luck on the bets, Ms S!