Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My sissy husband's panties

I've always thought that the best compliments are those that are either given to you, or happen, by accident.  I believe in the goodness of people unless they prove me wrong.  So, when given a compliment by someone, I think it's nice but I rarely take it seriously.  Too often, people hand out compliments just to be polite or because they feel it's the right thing to do.  This morning however, sissy unknowingly paid me a very, very nice compliment.  she wasn't even around when I received it, having already left for the office a couple of hours before. 

I took my sweet time getting out of bed this morning.  While technically still on "Christmas break", I had an 11 o'clock meeting and was planning on getting to the office around 10.  While getting dressed after showering, I reached into the drawer where sissy places the panties she has personally hand washed to select a clean pair for the day.  I chose a pair of white hi-cut briefs with some lace across the front panel.  As I slipped into them, I realized they were actually tammy's and not mine!  While most of my panties are darker in color and hers are primarily pastels, we both have some that are white.  she had accidentally put her panties in my panty drawer instead of hers.  

Even though such a mistake will undoubtedly result in appropriate discipline, her little error brought a huge smile to my face and quite frankly, made my day.  Let me explain.  You see, over the last 12-14 months I have not only lost weight, but worked very hard to get in shape.  Over time, Ive had to change most of my wardrobe extensively (I love that part, with the exception of my shoes, which unfortunately still fit!) including most of my lingerie.  While sissy and I are getting closer in panty size, the little bitch is still in a smaller size than I am for the most part!  I wrote about a cute little scene we had when I went panty shopping with sissy in this post last February.  The sales clerk commented on the different sizes we were purchasing.  Check it out.  It helps put today's post and my feelings, in perspective.  

For sissy to mistake her panties for mine made me feel so good about what I'd accomplished over the past year.  Almost made me want to start training for this April's Boston Marathon.  Well, maybe not.  Anyway, after I noticed the panties weren't mine, I started to take them off and had a change of heart.  For today, even though they would be quite snug, I decided I was going to wear my sissy husband's panties.  I'm sure you've all read stories about husbands wearing their wife's panties in secret.  Ever heard of wives wearing their husband's panties in secret?  I'm sure it's happened, but it's a first in this house!

A couple of hours ago I sent sissy the following text:  "Even though u screwed up, tx for compliment"

she replied that she didn't know what I was talking about.  I didn't answer.  she'll find out soon enough.

I'm leaving the office and headed to the gym.  I'll be working out vigorously wearing my husband's panties.  They should be good and moist when I get home.  Before I shower, I'll expect some extensive body worship while clad only in the panties.  Do you think she'll know they're hers?


  1. Hi Ms. Suzanne,

    After a year of stress and time constraints, we found our waistlines had expanded significantly. So, as we near the end of our current ordeal, we have made the commitment to diet and exercise. We joined WeightWatchers Online which we've done a couple of times in the past and hope to be back in fighting trim in time to celebrate Em's graduation this spring.

    FYI, I linked to you and Ms. Marie in my current post. You are both very entertaining and informative writers.


    Mrs. Kelly's Playhouse

  2. Congratulations, Suzanne. I am grateful that Mistress has not put me in a position to make that sort of mistake.... ours can't be so easily confused. Mick.

  3. I wanted to tell you that I realy love your blog.
    I hope you will continue very long.
    At home, I wear women panties every days and my wife tolerates it but she doesn't want me to use their panties. I must buy my own affairs but when she looks in the drawer she doesn't care if their mine or hers so she often wears mines. At first, I was very amused and proud of this.
    We are quite the same size and mine are more soft and confortable than hers.
    Jill (France)

  4. Anonymous1/05/2011

    Whilst not in a FLR, my lady partner thinks nothing of borrowing my clothes if it suits her purpose.... Many the time she came home from work and I said "hey - that's my blouse!" - "so who are you going to complain to?"

    On the other hand sometimes she has to 'pretty please', such as "have you got a black strapless longline bra I can borrow?"

    Enjoy her wardrobe just as much as you want


    ("Marry a tranny and double your wardrobe!" - "If you only *double* your wardrobe, you didn't marry a tranny!")

  5. How nice that you and sissy are close to the same size in panties.


  6. Nice to hear that small things like panties
    can keep motivation going. Since You are almost the same size as sissy, maybe when You go shopping sissy can model Your clothes in the store before You buy them....sort of a pre-viewing to make sure You like the style for Yourself.
    I appreciate Your post, thanks.

  7. Anonymous1/31/2012

    mine will buy me panties then suprise me with but before I put them on she plugs e for the and
    i have to sleep that way

  8. Anonymous12/13/2012

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  9. Anonymous12/14/2012

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  10. Anonymous12/14/2012

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  11. My wife is wearing my panties now. I have plenty and she likes what I buy

  12. Anonymous4/10/2013

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  13. Anonymous10/23/2013

    My wife likes me in panties but makes me go to a store with her to buy them. I am sure some clerks k new they were for me. I have come to enjoy wearing them but now she wants to tell her girlfriends

  14. Anonymous11/01/2013

    I am in the same position, my wife insists I choose my own panties in the store. She is quite friendly with the assistant and often discusses my choice of panties with her which really embarasses me. She has kept me in panties now for two years and she has fraquently had me do "little fashion shows" for her and her friends I hate having her sister ( beautician) wax me, I think they secretly like to humiliate me and see me suffer when the strips are pulled off my body and legs, Originally I was given a high bikini line but now its become a very fine brazilian which my wife insists on. I have stopped all my sport and leasure activities as I would be so embarassed being seen undresses or in my panties.

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  16. Anonymous12/08/2014

    I first put my husband in panties on our honeymoon. He had no idea until he couldn't find underpants and I told him I dumped them & he'd have only panties from now on. Reluctantly he agreed when he realized no panties, no sex I still love to see him in panties and pulling them down