Monday, January 24, 2011

“Marking” Our sissy cuckold

The scene that took place late yesterday afternoon is something that’s been in the works for quite some time.  “In the works” is probably a poor choice of words.  A better description would be something that I’ve been thinking about for quite awhile. 
Last Wednesday night after pleasuring me while I relaxed with a nice hot cup of tea as I read the newspaper, tammy found herself sitting on me, with her legs on each side of my thighs and her arms around my neck.   The way she was moving her hips across my lap as we kissed made it no mystery that she would have enjoyed getting fucked that night.  I was tired and our schedules were such that I told her that I would fuck her on Friday, even though Jay was supposed to be around.   I sensed some apprehension on her part, even though the three of us have shared some very intimate moments together. 

After weather delays on Friday and dealing with a family issue on Saturday, Jay finally arrived yesterday afternoon just before the start of the Packers-Bears game.  He was greeted at the door by tammy, all decked out in a pretty little cheerleaders outfit which she had worn for us once before and, got Jay quite aroused!  She first wore the outfit last Halloween and in spite of her embarrassment, went through a nice little routine that led to Jay’s arousal and in turn,  my own benefit.  I rewarded her that night after tucking her into bed.  Tonight, her reward would be a little different.

We put sissy through her paces once again, insisting on specific cheers at various points in the game and each time the Packers scored, since both Jay and I had both chosen them in our now “all knotted up” bet.  Her routine had a similar effect to the one she performed for us on Halloween.  The poses we insisted upon, the cheers, along with my snuggling up close to Jay and running my hand over his thighs and between his legs had him quite hard, even before halftime.   I even thought sissy’s own arousal was somewhat evident, as I seemed to notice a larger than usual outline of her sissy clitty (now out of chastity for the occasion) through the outfit's panties.  I figured it was time to head upstairs and get my “things.” 

I returned a few minutes later to both tammy’s and Jay’s surprise, without my jeans but in heels, my sweater and my favorite strapon held firmly about my waist.  I sat on the couch next to Jay and had tammy kneel between my legs and begin sucking on my own cock, while I reached over to feel Jay’s through his Dockers.  “It’s time for the fucking I promised you on Wednesday” I said to her as she had my strapon in her mouth, “Get me nice and wet for your pussy.”  Satisfied that my cock was nice and wet, I pushed her away and told her to kneel before Jay and help him take off his slacks.    She undid his belt, slid his shoes and socks off, and finally pulled his slacks off.  As she normally does, she folded them neatly and placed them by his side on the sofa.

“Kneel in front of me but face Jay” I told her, positioning myself about five or six feet from the sofa but directly facing Jay "and get on all fours."   Once in position, I flipped up her pleated cheerleader’s skirt and lowered the matching panties, liberally applying the lube to my cock and her cute little ass.  I moved her slightly forward so that her head was only inches away from Jay’s cock, which was still encased by his briefs but showing its eagerness to be freed.  I knelt directly behind her and slid the head of my own cock up and down between her cheeks.  I reach around her and found her sissy clitty to be quite stiff, aroused at her predicament.  I read some time ago that simultaneous penetration of the mouth and either the anus or the vagina is called the “spit roast” position.   Tammy was now submissively in the spit roast position.

Just before my cock made its gentle entry, I ordered her to take Jay’s cock in her mouth.  She fumbled for a short time with his briefs but eventually had her lips wrapped around his large member, eventually taking it in her mouth, just as I made my way into her.  Seeing her take Jay that way also made me jealous.  I hadn't experience a dose of his manhood in quite awhile.  I was using one of my larger strapons and didn’t want to hurt her, instead slowly and gently making my way in and out of her, trying to combine my gentleness with the firmness that would allow me to penetrate her deeply.  I held both of her hips tightly as I continued my thrusts while looking directly at Jay who was savoring tammy’s oral talents while she moved her bottom gently to coincide with my own movements.  

As Jay became more and more aroused and held sissy’s head firmly in place as he took her orally, I also began to fuck sissy harder.  Soon, Jay’s moans announced that his own orgasm was only seconds away and sure enough, his sperm filled sissy’s mouth.  Still buried inside of her, I reached around to stroke her clitty, urging her to cum like a good girl.  She obliged, spewing her juices on my hand as well as the towel I had positioned below her. Just as she finished her orgasm, I noticed Jay pulling out and rubbing his cock over her face, smearing his juices across her lips, cheeks, chin and nose.  

I slid out of her and saw that Jay had shot quite a load all over her face.  As I began to slide her panties back up, tammy moved her hand to her face to start removing some of Jay’s cum.  I was surprised at what happened next.  Jay took hold of her hand and told her to “leave it there for awhile.”  He had just marked my sissy cuckold husband with a face full of cum and wasn’t allowing her to clean it off.  It was the most dominant thing he’s done to her since we’ve been together.  To be honest, she looked beautiful.  It may seem strange but, it was hot seeing her that way.  I loved her more than anything.  Adding to her humiliation, he ordered her to go stand in the corner for awhile.  She obeyed.  His dominance over her had me very, very wet.

Sissy stayed in the corner until the start of the Jets-Steelers game, at which time I approached her to let her know she could get cleaned up, change, and get some snacks ready for Jay and I.  I kissed the back of her neck and noticed how the cum had dried on her face.  she was back in about 15 minutes, properly attired in a maids outfit and serving us snacks and drinks.  Her “spit roast” fucking over and with the mood returning to normal and less sexually charged, she was allowed to join us and watch the remainder of the game.

With the Steelers holding on to beat the Jets, and our bet all tied up heading into the Super Bowl, Jay was now allowed to fuck me and I begrudgingly have to admit that I was looking forward to it.   

Late last night after a nice round of lovemaking and while cuddling up to Jay I asked him where he got the idea to cum on her face and let it dry there.  “I was chatting with one of your blogging friends when the subject came up” he said.  “What? Who was it?” I asked him.  “I can’t tell” he said “I hope you didn’t mind.”  “I didn’t mind.  I wish you would have told me ahead of time though” I said.  

Even though I had no advance warning, I thought it was a very symbolic way to “mark” our sissy cuckold.

Now…who is the guilty party who gave him this idea???????


  1. Great story Mistress.
    tammi is turning into quite the cum-loving cocksucker!

  2. Congratulations, tammi! I am so jealous. :)

  3. It wasn't my idea.... Mick

  4. was no one from the Collins love triangle -- BTW, we are a jeans wearing, not docker's crowd

  5. My favorite part of the entry was your comment about Tammy: "I loved her more than anything." Very poignant! I think Suzanne's and Tammy's relationship is very special...and i feel Tammy's submissiveness is, in its way, a gift "she" gives to Suzanne.

  6. Hi...just me again...wanting to tell you how much I'm enjoying your continuing interview with Mistress Milliscent!

  7. OMG Suzanne, what fun you have. Since I am in the retraining mode with Daphne it would be wonderful to see her with a face full of cum.
    I'll normally lay her on her back, push her legs up over her shoulders so her clit is facing her face. I will then fuck her as I stroke her clit until she explodes all over her own face. I love how she saids she hates it but opens her mouth every time to catch her sissy goo.


  8. Thanks for all your comments! I believe I've found "the guilty party." While the evidence presented does not give "proof beyond a reasonable doubt", I think it would meet the "preponderance of the evidence" standard used in most civil cases.

    All I can say to that guilty party is " was fun."

    BTW - I prefer jeans as well. Tight ones, particularly since my ass has shrunk!

  9. Thank you for another powerful entry!
    Jay’s cum drying on tammy’s face is a great illustration of his growing dominance over her.
    Next time sissy is spit roasted, maybe your cock is doing the oral penetration. Being diapered and put to bed with Jay’s cum still deposited in her bottom could be another defining moment in sissy’s relation with him.

  10. Great story... love the "spit roast" (have only seen it with women so far!). Yes, dried cum on tammy, diapered and in bed would certainly make Jay's dominant position even stronger.

  11. Anonymous1/26/2011

    I find it interesting that you said "his dominance over her... had me wet". I'm not sure how specific you had meant to be but I do find when reading scenes of d/s that it is usually the dominance that I'm drawn to, more than the submission. As a submissive it's interesting and exciting to occasionally hear stories from Tammy's perspective - you both write so well. Keep up the great work and best wishes to you all.


  12. Damn that's a hot post!

  13. Anonymous6/23/2011

    Sissies like tammy -- whether they like it or not -- just have to get used to ocassionally having a real man come on their made-up face.
    It is pretty much the ultimate in sissiness, if you think about it. Wearing panties, "tucking", sitting to pee, being the Go-to" errand boy or servant of any household -- and being at least familiar with a real man's cum -- all are just part of being a sissy.

  14. YOU STUPID SICK LOWLIFE CUNT. CHEAP CHEATING SLUTS LIKE YOU ARE THE REASON WHY MEN SHOULD NEVER GET MARRIED. HOW THE FUCK CAN YOU HUMILIATE THE MAN YOU VOWED YOU'D STAY LOYAL TO AND CARE FOR? I CANT BELIEVE YOUR HUSBAND JUST LETS YOU DEGRADE HIM, INSTEAD OF KNOCKING YOUR TEETH OUT YOU RAT FACED DICK HOPPING SLUTTING SLAG CUMDUMPSTER. What goes around comes around bitch and one day you'll feel ten times the pain and suffering you put him through and I'll be there to piss all over you when you're in tears slut and that stupid faggot you cheat on your husband with deserves no less. WATCH YOURSELF CUNT!

    1. I'm fairly certain the lifestyle represented in this post in no way merits the level of vitriol you have expressed. Were you there the day they took their vows to each other? Do you know for sure if the vows they took are at all the way they are in a traditional marraige? Lastly, why are you even on this blog. If you do not like this type of lifestyle, then you simply can not log in here at 4:47 in the morning. Please sir..get help.

  15. Anonymous8/08/2011

    Great story - you guys are great !

  16. Anonymous11/14/2011

    awesome for the sissy.....i too had to service my wifes lover as she rubbed my little clitty and it isnt something u soon forget

  17. Anonymous6/25/2012

    This is so erotic. My own little one responded instantly to this.

  18. Anonymous2/06/2013

    I'm a sissy.It was his idea.He loves teasing my sissy clit whilst servicing what is now his pussy.My mistress loves and encourages my humiliation.When the bull indecates he's about to cum my duty is to kiss both his fertile testicles and watch his seed being forced down his nine incher into his godess.I lap at her beautiful slit not because they make me but because they sterilised me a year back and I couldn't live with the humiliation of everyone knowing a black child couldn't be mine.I then get him an high energy drink. As I'm always wearing a sexy little maids outfit,I have to leave wiggling my pretty little butt,or that's how he refures to it. I'm loving my role and if eigther of you are reading this please oh please let me suck him off and I'll go for the implants. Mika.

  19. smc3pw@yahoo.com2/26/2013

    As a sissy cuckold myself I vividly recall the first time one of my wife’s lovers came on my face. I was instructed to keep my eyes open and he shot his load all over my face. It was extremely humiliating and defeating at the time to be treated this way by my wife’s lover in front of her and seeing the delight on her face. The dominance on his face was overwhelming and made me fear to disobey him. I too was made to leave it on all but until the next morning. I too was made to stand in the corner but after thanking him for allowing me the privilege of wearing his manly cum.

    The part that stands out most was that after it was on my face for a few seconds and the fragrance had permeated my nostrils, a certain calm came over me. Like I was now a true sissy, that I had arrived. I became calm and felt totally submissive and like a I said defeated. I felt defeated as a man that there was not a drop of masculinity left in me. When I was told to go to the corner I recall walking in more feminine way. My wife even commented that I had more sway in my hips and her lover laughed.

    Even though I was told to leave it all on my face some of it ran down my face and I would careful stick my tongue out and lick it. Each time I did strange pangs rushed through my stomach making me feel more girlish than ever. It somehow reinforced that I was not a man and had finally found my true place in life.

    The act obviously removed any respect my wife had for me or any her lover had for me but for me it was the opposite. My respect for the two of them increased a hundred fold as did my desire to please and serve them. It clarified my role as a sissy and as a servant. I think it may have been one of the best things that ever happened to me and I certainly think any self respecting woman should make sure that her husband experiences just such an event if she wants true happiness in her life.

  20. I was once marked with manly cum up my sissy pussy as a Domme ordered a man to ass-fuck me. To get his cock ready I sucked him until it swelled so big that I couldn't help but gag continuously, to her amusement. She mimicked my gags & slurps and laughed, then ordered me to turn around with my ass in the air and allow him to prove to me what a pathetic faggot I was. It wasn't my first ass-fucking but it was the first time I took cum in my pussy. When he pulled out she ordered me to stay in that position and she inserted a tampon in to soak up his man juice. I had to wear it until morning.

  21. Anonymous12/23/2013

    some times I just wish I had born a hermephrotie with a small dick with hidden ball that still produced cum and a nice pretty pussy so I could take a real man in my pussy aor my wife could spit roast me with her big man. I realy like to let cum dry on my face and go about my buisness the next day with her mans cum on me as if all were normal. If you have never gone to work with dry cum on your face you haven't lived. Mel.

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