Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Using Your sissy's bottom in "The Diaper Position"

One of the more entertaining blogs you'll find on my list is "Under Contract to my Wife" (UCTMW), the work of Mick and Molly, a Midwestern couple whose interest in sex is quite possibly unsurpassed. As much as I love sex, the frequency with which they partake in it might make me appear to be a cloistered nun in comparison!  The blog, which posts on just about a daily basis, is well-written, light-hearted, funny as hell, and usually full of surprises as Mick and Molly weave a cast of characters into their erotic daily rants.  The witty blog touches on domination, submission and cuckolding (among other topics) as the fun-loving couple works to keep their sex lives exciting after 20 years of marriage.

One of the real-life characters in the blog, Western Correspondent (WC), has become a frequent commenter on this particular blog.  WC and Molly have a thing going, and from time to time, he also contributes to the UCTMW blog.  Just last week, WC submitted a very well-written tutorial entitled "How to Use a Submissive's Ass for the First Time" to UCTMW.  As the tutorial states, it is written with a Male Dom/fem sub in mind, but is certainly applicable in the reverse situation.  Not being a novice in this particular area, the tutorial didn't provide me with any new information.  However, I couldn't help but love his use of the terms "diaper style" and "the diaper position" when referring to the two main positions for penetrating a sub's anus (just know that there are several more positions that sissy can personally attest to).

I am sure you can understand why the terms diaper style and diaper position are near and dear to my heart if you've read this blog for any length of time.  My somewhat regular use of diapers with sissy is a part of our lifestyle and an excellent behavior modification tool at times.  However, WC's use of the terms I mentioned in a very different context reminded me about the importance of certain words, phrases, terms, and symbols in many Female Led, Wife Led or D/s relationships in general.  I have always found such things to be incredibly powerful and erotic and find myself using them on a daily basis.  Now, thanks to my friends over at UCTMW and specifically WC, "The Diaper Position" will carry with it multiple meanings.  Absolutely delicious in my opinion!

Last night while having a glass of Merlot before dinner and after getting through the small talk about our work days, I asked sissy if she enjoyed watching the game on Sunday with Jay while I was taking a nap.  "Yes, it was a pretty good game" she answered.  "Yes it was.  Another high scoring game for the Patriots.  And, from what I can make of it, they weren't the only ones to score.  I suspect Jay got lucky also" I said.  Well, you should have seen the look on her face - like a child caught with their hand in the cookie jar!  "Relax"  I told her.  "I didn't hear any complaints this morning so, you must have filled in admirably.  It's good to know that I can take a break once and awhile" I teased, adding "I'm just sorry I missed it.  Next time, at least have Jay take a picture with his phone or something" I said laughingly.   "Did you swallow?" I asked, shocking her somewhat.  Of course, being the reserved lady she is, she answered in the affirmative, but somewhat hesitantly.  "You're a better girl than I am" I said.  "However, I tend to like seeing it all over your pretty lips" I added, giving her a much needed hug of encouragement.  Reflecting upon our discussion later, I surprised myself at how comfortable I was with the whole conversation. 

One final note.  Before I went off to bed last night and called Jay, sissy found herself in "The Diaper Position" on two separate occasions.  I only diapered her once though. 


  1. Hey Suzanne,

    Glad u like it. My wife and I used to go to spanking parties out in califorina. The spanko croud uses the term diaper position, for when the spankee is put in that position and the spanker stands to the side and spanks or paddles the victim. It is known as a particularly embarasing way to spank females and males alike, good viewing at those parties!

    Keep up the great work

    The ever lazy,


  2. Anonymous12/14/2010

    Hey Suzanne
    Molly here!Thanks for the comments. Obviously Mick is the one who writes the blog and I guess that I provide some inspiration. Glad that you think we provide good fodder...sometimes I think we are outright boring compared to the likes of you guys...we love your blog too

  3. Thanks for the plug, Suzanne. You consistently one up old Mick and the younger Molly with your exotic adventures, and the sly tone of your writing.

    And send our regards to Tammy too.

  4. Theirs is a great blog. Love the diaper position also, both the term and the practice! :)

  5. It's fantastic that Jay is coming into his own in this relationship. What an incredible triangle you have coming together. I've often longed for the chance of finding such a couple as you and sissy. Jay is a lucky man, my dear.