Friday, March 26, 2010

"Corner Time"

My sister Sherry had come in rather late on Friday.  Although she knows all about our lifestyle, sissy and I were nonetheless a little nervous about how "natural" we should act while Sherry was here for the weekend.  She put us both at ease however when she told us to just act like we normally would, and that she totally understood where we were coming from.  She even gave sissy a peck on the cheek and said "You are really a lucky hubby!"  I thought that was nice.  After she got settled in, I asked sissy to pour the three of us a glass of wine and serve it to us in the formal living room.  The three of us sat and chatted a bit and as sissy was finishing her glass of wine I instructed her to pour Sherry and I some more wine and to get herself ready for bed.  I told her that Sherry and I would likely stay up to catch up on a few things.  Obediently, tammy poured each of us more Cabernet (my sister's favorite) and excused herself. 

Sherry and I chatted for awhile and I even opened a second bottle of Cabernet.  Thank God we didn't polish that one off!  It was nice reminiscing about various things and I was glad she came to stay with us.  As the wine began to take its effect, Sherry admitted she was really intrigued by my marriage to sissy and the lifestyle we led.  It's not that she was shocked by it at all, but more interested in how it was working out.  Sherry, like myself is quite liberal and sexually open, and was always supportive of our lifestyle.  She admitted that I was incredibly lucky to have such a good looking husband who was willing to do everything for me.  I even sensed a tinge of jealousy there as she asked some pretty intimate questions!

As the conversation went on, she really wanted to know exactly how dominant I was because, to this point, she really hadn't seen anything out of the ordinary.  I laughed and said "For God's sake Sherry, you just got here!"  We giggled and a thought came to mind.  It had been about 45 minutes since tammy went upstairs and I figured she was already in one of her nighties and curled up in bed waiting for me to get there.  I got up and walked over to the staircase leading up to the bedrooms and called "tammy, could you come down here for a minute?"  I spoke loud enough for her to hear, even though our bedroom door was shut.  A few moments later I saw the door open a bit and she said "Sure, just give me a minute to change."  "No, that won't be necessary, just come down the way you are" I said as I winked to Sherry who was sitting on the sofa.  "Please, let me change.  It will only take a minute."   Now, I was a little annoyed.  I could understand her reluctance, but I expected her to obey like she always did.  "Absolutely not, get down here NOW!" I stated matter-of-factly.  "May i please change?" she pleaded with me, "Please?"  "I said NO.  What part of NO don't you understand?" I asked quite loudly.  Sherry was taking this all in with a bewildered smile on her face!

Moments later, as I went to take a seat next to Sherry, sissy tammy walked down the stairs in her cute little red babydolls, complete with red ruffled panties, blushing like a little schoolgirl!  "There, now how hard was that?" I asked.  "I'm disappointed that you didn't obey immediately.  After all, didn't Sherry ask us to just act normally with her around?  Do you normally disobey me like that?" I asked.  "No mistress, I do not" she said.  "That's better.  Now I want you to show Sherry your cute babydolls by turning around slowly in front of her!"   Doing as she was told, tammy stood in front of Sherry and modeled her cute outfit!  I was so proud, yet, still upset at her initial resistance.  "Lift your nighty and show Sherry your ruffled panties!" I ordered.  Like a good girl, she obeyed!  I don't know what had a deeper shade of red now, the red panties or tammy who was showing her utter embarassment.

It had been awhile since I had disciplined tammy like a child.  A spanking would definitely have been in order, but I wasn't ready to give her a bare-bottom spanking in front of Sherry.  her childlike behavior deserved some juvenile punishment tactics!  "I think you deserve some corner time young lady.  Go stand in the corner until I tell you your time is up.  Also, I want you to stand there with your nose pushed against the corner, and your nighty held up so that we can see your sissy bottom.  Now get over there immediately!"   What little resistance tammy had demonstrated moments ago was gone.  Obediently, she position herself as I had instructed - nose to the wall and her panty clad bottom exposed for us to see.  So sweet!

I left her there for nearly a half hour.  Much longer than I usually do.  The conversation between Sherry and I was mostly about other things.  That was by design.  I deliberately wanted to ignore sissy for her behavior.  Later, I said "You can get out of the corner now.  But come here and apologize to Sherry for being so naughty."  Once again, she obeyed, stood in front of Sherry and said "I'm sorry for behaving the way I did."  "That's okay" Sherry said smiling, "To be honest, I enjoyed the whole scene immensely!"  We had a good laugh at that comment and I even caught a smile from tammy!  "I'll see you upstairs" I said as she made her way to the bedroom.

When she was in the bedroom, I looked at Sherry and said "There, are you happy now that you've seen my dominance in action?"  "Actually, I am.  A little aroused too!" she giggled.  "You're too much" I said "I think it's time for bed.  I've had enough wine."

We made our way upstairs and hugged before she went into one of the guest bedrooms.  After flossing, brushing my teeth and taking my makeup off, I slid into bed behind sissy, kissed her neck and said "I love you honey.  You only disappointed me a little.  In the end, you made me proud and happy."  tammy turned towards me and said "i love You too Mistress...i won't disappoint You again."  "I know you won't" I smiled and gave her a deep wet kiss. 

She fell asleep in my arms.


  1. I'm a "in the closet" submissive and I would be interested in knowing more about just how your current roles began. I remember reading that fd came out and just told his wife of his desires and that Kathy caught her John visiting a professional Domme. How was it that "tim" became "tammy"?

  2. I actually met tim when he was a graduate assistant at a university where I was working one summer. We flirted, dated a bit, etc....sort of a long story. I intend on writing about it someday. Hopefully soon. He eventually became my houseboy and things progressed from there.


  3. Thank you so much for responding. I look forward to hearing more about the transition. I love your wonderful blog and I'm sure other submissives like me will learn a lot from reading more about your life.

  4. wannabe,

    Thanks for the kind words. In all seriousness, I hope I can help you and other subs, along with their Dommes.